Diamond Core Media is the real deal! They are real traders that trade for a living and have a passion to teach those who want to trade how to trade. They will help you develop a trading plan tailor-made for you so that you can be laser-focused in applying the knowledge and the strategies you have learned. Well worth your time. – Taras

In the short time that I listened to you my 3 years of prior futile trading really changed for the good. The part that really helped the most was your view on protecting yourself and examples on how to do it. Also taking profits by taking risk off! I’m up about $35,000 these first 17 days of the New Year and plan to build on the success! – Dean

He has been a great mentor of mine for many of years. If it wasn’t for his experience and knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have had and continue to have success in my professional career, and I have him to thank for my successes. – Emi

I started studying options trading as a means to supplement my income. I studied chart patterns, systems, techniques, and strategies for over a year and a half, with little to show for it, except a lot of frustration. Then I was fortunate to meet you and I used the methods and tools you told me to use, and my life has been changed forever! My skills, understanding and knowledge has grown exponentially after you taught me the ‘real math’ behind the trades. Anyone who doesn’t use the ‘real math’ to figure out the market movement needed on any particular trade is just gambling, and I’m not here to gamble, I’m here to make money. It’s the first time in my life that anyone in one place could accomplish so much progress in such a short time. You are truly the wizard behind the curtain at the end of the yellow brick road! – Vito

I have worked with Derek States for nine years now on multiple projects. There are very few people, in fact, nobody else is coming to mind, I can depend on to consistently be ethical and at the top of his game. His strategies always work. He outperforms 100 times over other companies seamlessly. He doesn’t seem to like to blow his own horn so I will do it for him! When I have projects falling under his expertise he’s the only one I contact.” R Cross Founder/Entrepreneur. – Roxy

You taught me to use these methods and tools and it helps me a lot to upgrade my skills and knowledge. I never knew it would help my work easier and with confidence to do the task. Really appreciate it and it was understandable, clear and its was not that hard to learn. – Melvin

I can honestly say I am leaps and bounds ahead of most traders that start out to learn about trading because of the tools and strategies you have taught me. I feel like for once in my life I am dealing with someone who truly cares about making sure you understand the information. Not to mention how much I can appreciate someone that cuts to the chase and doesn’t beat around the bush and waste your time. I’m mind blown at how much I have learned in such short amount of time. Forever Thankful! – Michael

For years I have attended/followed both live and private trainings by Mr. States in many locations in the US. I am so impressed with his detailed knowledge of the markets and how they work. Even more impressive is how he helps individuals to clearly understand the markets, how they work, and how to individually effectively work them using repeatable, sound procedures. Mr. Derek States has many no-nonsense approaches and systems. He understands attendees questions, puts them in proper perspective then explains the logical solutions. I look forward to taking the online trainings. Of course, his private coaching sessions are second to none, the best in the industry. – Jeffrey