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Jeff Tomasulo & Cameron States Market Talk

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The market, (trading Floor in particular) to me has always been the great equalizer in life (It cares only about the money and not what school you attended), In a career spanning over 4 decades I have stood on several exchanges with both the educated (college grads) and uneducated (school of hard knocks) and (at times) had as much success or more. Sometimes (the market) can be very lucrative and easy to figure out and at other times unforgiving and even cruel. Trading options can present a wonderful opportunity in creating income with reasonable risk, and over the years many individuals have learned different techniques through options trading in achieving this, but always remember past performances in the markets can never be guaranteed, so if you decide to move forward, never be prepared to risk money that you can’t afford to lose. Option trading can be likened to gambling (legally), and the Market Makers considered odds makers, (or Bookies if you prefer) they will broadcast markets that the public can trade against.

Cameron States with Eddie Ottinger

To be a successful Gambler you need to learn certain skills of the trade and remain disciplined while looking for opportunities to profit.
In this respect Options Trading is no different. Now, there can be many reasons that a person may NOT be a good gambler, or options trader:
1. Lack of education
2. Undisciplined
3. No Risk Management
4. No Trade Process
5. Unrealistic Expectations

Steve Katin former floor trader & Cameron States retail investor talking about the life of a floor trader