Personal Mentor Education 4 Sessions

What to Expect

As a student you will direct personal access with a specific mentor on a one-on-one basis via online web conferencing sessions, phone, emails, and text messaging directly.

Your personal mentor in this a one-on-one basis we will provide proprietary personal trades style and approach in detail, layout risk management, individual approach to the market, and demonstrate my own trading style and approach using personal knowledge and experience through the research tool trading software. The online sessions will consist of four sessions approximately 1 hour each session for 1 month. You will have direct access additionally via emails, phone and text throughout the entire 8 weeks. Let us know if you have interest in having me as your personal mentor.

A valuable first step to do is register on our website for the Diamond Full Education Membership Monthly at a nominal monthly cost of only $19.95 until you no longer need the online educational portion.

Each lesson has a video explaining specific information. There are PDF workbooks and PDF that to download that follows the video. To master over time, you will be required to do the work, understand the information, then take a quiz.

An 80% minimum pass level is required before you can advance to the next lesson as the way I have designed it follows a methodical approach to clearly understand what steps and specific information is required to make decisions that can bring the results you are looking for.

It is our personal goal and desire that all mentees learn how to trade for themselves over the course of their own time investing into themselves.

We offer free website access for life and have weekly free webinars for those wanting to improve in options trading, stock buying additionally, we have the research software as you may already be familiar with for any questions regarding how to use it swiftly and efficiently.

What Makes A Good Student?

  • Be clear on your knowledge needs
  • Make sure you schedule specific time each week to learn
  • Take Actions to do the homework assignments
  • If you have any questions speak up so you can get clarification
  • Be open to get feedback from mentor
  • Respect your mentor
  • Be committed no matter what

Diamond Core Education (DCE) Mentors
Mentors at DCE are available to provide an initial 2 Months Mentoring Programs with a current 8 week waiting list. Mentoring Programs are remotely via screen sharing software and pre-scheduled calendaring, phone calls, text and emails and have zero conflict of interest.

You must apply for your Mentoring via the link provided below with your full and contact details. You must also include the trading experience you have obtained to date and your current profession/business operation. You do not need to be an experienced trader to apply to our Mentoring Programs. DCE Programs receive many applications and are careful who we accept into the mentoring program. To serve our students better this information is important in order to access your level of ability, current professional status and the seriousness of your application from our first point of contact.

Important Note: There is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the Mentoring program. Students are required to be dedicated and willing to learn by putting the necessary time in to succeed in the Financial Markets.

To get into a Mentorship or Course simply click on Mentorships & Courses icon below.