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Hello welcome back I want to take a minute to introduce you to how we teach we teach on a basic three scale program means is there’s a level one level 2 and Level 3 to every concept that we teach now this is something that I think in education in general so many companies or educators miss and that is sometimes in this industry there’s a lot of information and sometimes it’s hard to organize what we should be learning first or maybe there’s something that’s a prerequisite that we should have learned earlier.
So, what we’ve done is broken all our content down into three simple steps and you know we had to make it Hawaiian style we’re going coconuts folks the source of life that’s.
So what we’re going to do is start with level one or one coconut that means most basic level or concept that you should be starting at all traders should be starting at that level we will then move into two coconuts level 2 then you know you’re starting to get to kind of an intermediate level of content and then of course Level 3 is the highest and most advanced level of that concept that you can be learning.
This way as you’re going through any of our curriculum and it doesn’t matter what you’re studying gold, silver, cryptocurrency, options trading, stock trading all of these different ideas you will know exactly where you’re at from level one and that’s what we want to make sure that you do as you start with the very basics and you work in sequential order that makes sense and nobody is doing that right now in the industry.
I’m super excited to bring this to you thanks so much for joining me again. Aloha!!

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Aloha! and welcome Cameron States here the Hawaiian trader. I just want to take a minute to explain our education approach two things that you really need number one obviously education and training and I know that we beat that dead horse 100 times.
I know but you have to especially in trading there’s just things you have to know and you have to get a little bit dirty and understand how they work let’s see only way that’s going to work for you.
But Step 2 applications for the two things you want to focus on is bringing you a lot of information and a lot of talent to make sure you’re informed and educated but then will focus on the application that is our approach to helping you thanks for joining us we hope that you love this we hope that this brings you that knowledge that you’re seeking.