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Cameron States
Meet Strategic co-founder and contributor……

Derek States contributor with over 3 decades of trading experience.

With over 3 decades of experience founder of DCM Derek began as a licensed stock broker and is an experienced options investor, stock investor, cryptocurrency, precious metals investor, and mentor. His real life experiences in international business gives a unique view of trading in any market condition. To really become an efficient trader there is nothing that can replace one’s personal experiences learned in the education process of which actually trading is a major component, seeing the results of those trades is extremely valuable. These learned skills are transferable to many areas in life.

Steve Katin and Derek States Talking About Trading Life

The Eddie Ottinger AKA ‘Eddie O’

Edward O. is a regular guy. In his 30 plus years of experience Eddie O has worked on several exchanges trading options as a trader/specialist. Eddie O. is an options educator and training coach teaching options basics and how to apply strategies in the markets using LIMITED RISK. To be a successful one needs a set of rules developed form personal trading experiences, learn certain skills of the trade and remain disciplined while looking for opportunities to profit.

Ty States Meet owner and contributor………

Steve Katin BIO

After 40 plus years as a professional trader Steve as a derivatives (options) risk manager with over 20 years’ experience on the Philadelphia stock exchange’s options floor, active member from 1982 to 2004, including experience as a specialist, market maker and floor broker. Exceptional knowledge of options pricing, spreading and the effects of changes in volatility, skew, interest rates and stock movement. Strong analytical skills, with additional background in dispersion trading. After leaving the floor in 2004, Steve continued trading his own stock and option portfolio as well as real estate investment and management. Steve also does work as a consultant and educator in the world of options trading as an independent contractor.

Steve’s interest in the financial markets stems from his father who was a financial planner. He taught him the power of investing as well as some strategic usage of stock options. His knowledge grew when he went to the trading floor in 1980 and worked the phones for many firm traders looking at specific spreads and arbitrage opportunities.

He teaches multiple spreading techniques and favors high reward to risk ratio spreading. He also teaches options basics, the Greeks, synthetic relationships and how to trade cost effectively in the marketplace. Many of his students are now able to trade effectively because of the thorough understanding they have obtained from the ground up. He likes to say the better you understand a product the better use you will be able to make of it. He delivers this understanding.