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Educational Courses
All Education Courses are provided in a step-by-step learning process. All paid members start at Level 1 which covers the basics. Then taking the subsequent levels the material becomes more and more layered. The reason the sequential learning is over many years of teaching thousands of students we have found most are missing key areas that are necessary to trading successfully long-term. Stay a member as long as it assists in increasing deeper and deeper knowledge. Our webinars will support the learning content with context to your learning. Additional webinars for our members will demonstrate actual trading examples of trading styles from different approaches from a variety of retail traders.

If you are new to the trading in the markets there is much to learn in the way how platforms work, understanding financial risk management, being competent with the strategies and having a long enough practice history before ever considering trading with your hard earned money.

We provide a low-cost education system that can assist you from basic level to advanced. We have for those interested mentoring that can fast track your learning, just inquire and we will do an assessment to see if mentoring would be a good fit for your needs. Our Diamond Generator paid member trading platform you can use to practice starting with 100,000 paper trade fund.

This way you do not need to spend money actually trading with your funds to learn. If you are considering trading live (make real trades in the market with your funds), the diamond generator can be connected directly with some well-known brokerage firms. This way there is no need to learn another platform to trade live funds, as you can trade through the platform for as long as you continue with our services.

Course Levels 1 through 3 Contain the Following Subjects

Level 1 Contain the Following Subjects

Trader Framework
Have a plan of action
Mapping out the framework
Building the basic framework
The function of options

Trade Approach
The two emotions that need to be controlled
Your purpose for trading and your financial goals
What are two types of option traders
Understanding time does it work for or against

Trade Styles
How to choose a trading style
What to be profitable or probable trader
Types of spread trading
How to hedge your risk

Risk Approach
Mapping out a plan of action
News and Event Risk
Positions Risk
Portfolio Risk
Market Condition Risk

Technical Analysis
How to approach your individual approach
High risk trade timelines
Medium risk trade timelines
Low risk trade timelines

Options Function
The Greeks model output
Options pricing model
Trend charting basics
Understand the basics on indicators

Buying Puts
Upside and downside
How to protect downside risk
When to use long puts
How to forecast the future performance

Buying Calls
Upside and downside
How to protect downside risk
When to use long calls
How to forecast the future performance

Level 2 Course Contains
1. Risk Approach
2. Trade Approach
3. Trade Style
4. Technical Analysis
5. Options Function Parts 1 & 2
6. Buying Puts
7. Buying Calls

Options Function The Greeks Level 2

Level 3 Contains
1. Risk Approach
2. Trade Style
3. Technical Analysis
4. Options Function
5. Buying Puts
6. Buying Calls
7. Selling Puts
8 Selling Calls

Greeks Intro Level 3

Buying Spreads Intro
Call Vertical
Put Vertical

Selling Spreads Intro Level 3
Call Vertical
Put Vertical
Covered Calls
Iron Condor
Scanning for Trades

Broker Tools