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Aloha! And welcome Cameron States Hawaiian trader. I want to welcome you to this website and tell you what we are doing here.

We have taken all the relationships in all the talent that we’ve made over the last 17 years and even more so when you include my brothers experience in my father’s experience and our job here is to first of all give you a lot of free information and help because there’s no more out there right now that I’ve found individuals that are just giving this information away for free.

So that is our first help now if you want to take it to the next level and you want to dive in in a little bit more in depth conversations and you want application step by step and obviously we have a lot here to offer you and there’s more than you can get into and I’m not saying that you have to do that at all it’s entirely up to you.

We hope that the information we bring whether that’s you joining the membership and being a part of our team and having the ability to be tapped into the real application behind some of these very important principles to helping you gain the knowledge that you want then absolutely there’s an open invitation and we welcome you and we want you to join.However, if not continue to join us free continue to look at the podcast on the Mental Download Podcast.

Join us on Instagram Hawaiian_Trader also continue to join us as well channel at Hawaiian Hawaiian_Trader on YouTube.

Now remember it’s not just us that you’re going to be hearing from or myself I’m going to be bringing a lot of relationships floor traders, market makers, hedge fund managers, private investors, retail investors, my own personal family brother father any talent that I can bring to you to give you help and information that’s what this is all about just getting you the help that you really need.

Again I encourage you if you want to take the next step join our membership become a part of what we’re doing here because I think there’s a lot of value there but I’ll leave that up to you to decide and find out anyways thanks for joining us good luck in the program

Diamond Core Media centrally located place to see how others in the market find balance in risk management and wealth creation! Diamond Core Media shows real-life approaches that can be applied in everyday trading. Diamond Core Media continually modifies approaches based on changes made to the market. There are situations that occur daily! Diamond Core Media keeps you up to date on these changes. Diamond Core Media is versatile and notifies of market movements with the ever-changing market. Diamond Core Media an awesome solution for every kind of market type; for the young, old, beginner, or experienced. Diamond Core Media works for you.